Monday, January 3, 2011

Shopping List 2010

Done :
  1. Harley Davidson
  2. US ticket 
  3. New Bathroom
Not done :
New life not yet

things are getting worst ... for 2011
in 2010 i lost my grand mom , i got rejected in every application i have applied for ..  my wife got preganant again ( thanks God)  expecting in 2011 a new member to the family.
2011 what will happend ?
i mght go to jail ...
i might go to UK instead ( less likely )
Shit always happend with me..
i will finish my first MBA semester .. here in Q8
Nothing new ...
mastering how to ride my Bike
gym !!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

مقارنة مقتبسة للايفوون 4 و 3جي اس

سألني العديد من الاصدقاء حول الفرق بين الايفون الجيل الرابع و الجيل الي قبله لذلك  اقتبست لكم هذه  المقارنة السريعة !