Friday, October 23, 2009

الفتاوي في كل شي اي شي

الفتاوي في كل شي صراحة قمة المسخرة ... يعني قاعدين يعزرون على الناس حياتهم
مرة كنت في ملجة و الشيخ الملاج (كاتب الكتاب) يرد على الهاتف حتى يرجع المعرس !!! المعرس نسى نتيجة تحليل الجينات اليديدة مادري الدم المهم !!!
من رد ليه رد و يجاوب الله يجزيه خير على الاتصالات و ااذا حضرتي اقط اذني ملقوف ... ولا واحد متصل يسأل الشيخ شنو الي يسمح في الشرع او حلال وحرام فييييييييييييييييييييييييييي
تركيب جرس البيت و الله ما اقوووووووووووووووووول الى ................... امك
المهم قاله الاجراس الي مثل الكنائس حرام اي شي !!! و الاجراس الي فيها اغنية حرام المسموح في رنة موسيقية الكترونية طنق طوووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووق
بس هذا الغالي اقوى صج هايف
اسم على مسمى

Shopping List

My shopping List for 2009/2010
1- Buy a Harley Davidson V-rode But before i need to learn how to ride it !!!

2- I phone
3- tickets to USA
4- New Bathroom
5 new life
6 not decided
7- the most important

i neeed money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proud To Be Kuwaiti

Alwatan Tv fired a program about Kuwaiti Bloggers the surprise was .... my Friend younger brother was a blogger and one of the youngest in Kuwait... you know that i felt proud about both of them .. because i know my friend is brilliant since he was in high school ( brilliant before but i knew him since high school ) .. I and my friend we had been facing a lot of difficulties in our education life .. then we struggled through our careers. the problem we at least do the right thing and we worked hard to achieve our tasks but unfortunately our superiors tried and worked to put us down ... down to the bottom were
our love to work and passion was killed .. in another word was murdered .. i tried to search for a Lifebuoy to hang on .. to grab feel i still have a breath but still no Hope the lifebuoy turns to be so heavy that it can not hold me and it turns it was a heavy metal lid...
i'm trying .. for you luv i'm trying for you babies ... i will swim and swim until the die i reach the sky .. i will try and try until i hear the goodbye .. i will try and try until i be what i want to you to proud.