Sunday, July 27, 2008


this is my third year struggling with the beloved GMat .... i read recently that there was a website call which gave a real GMaT questions for its members. DAMN !!! unfortunately the website has been closed because of recent GMAC ( the official testing center for GMAT) legal action. GMAC announced that they were able to take the hard disc of the site ( daaaaaaaahhhh all the members information) in order to take actions against all the members. the actions will be canceling their tests and contacting the institutions the students applied for.
Some institution comment that they will not be able to take any action because simply there is no evidence of cheating !!
Man am really not LUCKy !!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Government here in Kuwait has been lost for the last 18 years or in fact in the last 13 years. Because in 1991 through 1995 it was a very good period for kuwait in rebuilding the country after the invasion.
the problem in Kuwait started in 1996 exactly when the PM's started to find ways and wholes in the system to do whatever they wanted. as i remember in 1997 the Oil Minister Mr. Almedeaj took over the Ministery and since then it started to be clear that if you don't belonge to a tribe you are damned !
Any way since then all the clerical jobs or careers were divided between two lines of Kuwaities Beduions and shiites. the problem started from there "deiscrimination " everywhere. if you are Shiite Musilim you will be Fucked up in the hands of Bedouins and the rest and if you are beduion you will be Fucked also in the hands of the others.
the Result, a stupid is managing a huge department and a moran holds the life of others.
deep inside me i don't see Kuwait for the next 15 to 20 years.
So guys try to think of Yourselfs if your stupid manager or whoever is holding you from reaching the best out of you Just remember to Say you will not Hold me from reaching my GOAL i will achieve and i will reach everything you could not reach even with the help you got Stupid !
Remember this ! DON'T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT !!!!

" NOTE : My english is so bad that i even can't write a paragraph without making mistakes so help me to improve it Plz "
with Respect MIKE

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

منذ ان قامت قووقل بشراء هذه الشركة كنت اتسال ما مدى أهمية المدونة طبعا لم اعرف ترجمتها باللغة العربية لذلك كنت و مازلت اطلق عليها بلوغ .
حتى ان ظهر الكثير من ربعنا العرب و اخواني الكويتيون و هم يفض فضون عن مرارتهم و حسرتهم بعيدا عن تحيز الصحف و المجلات و ديكتاتوريتهم.
اثارني العديد من البلوغات الكويتية لانني بكل صراحة لا أهتم بأي قضايا عربية لأن هذه القضايا قد بيعت و تم تحويل مبلغ البيع منذ السبعينيات . المهم هناك شباب كويتي رأئع بكل معنى الكلمة من اسلوب و طريقة كتابة الى سرد واقعي. لذلك قررت مشاركتهم الحديث و البلوغين ( التدوين) .