Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 Wish List !

  1. gaining back my losses
  2. reinovate my house ( i need to build new rooms and a swimming pool for the kids)
  3. buying Harledy Davidson NightRod
  4. Traveling to the US
  5. Having a Son next May ( i prefer a baby boy but a Girl is Fine with me )
  6. Getting a high Score in the damn GMAT.
  7. Applying for a scholarship if i got #6
  8. Buying a gift for My Mom
  9. buying a gift for My wife
  10. Say bye bye for everyone if i got #6 and Write on and nearby Wall ( Grafiti hehe am bad in painting ) " KISS MY ASS GOODBYE KUAWITIES "
  11. GO TO HAJ ... I , Wife , Mom and Dad.
  12. Take the KIDS to DisneyLAND Florida if #6 Not happend. :(
  13. so i need a tons of Money just to make my wishes come true.

at the end i think everything could come true.

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