Sunday, March 8, 2009


Things started last week when my dear wife watched the ads last week. She called me “ Honey do you know that CDS is playing in Dubai???” … I replied “ No … since I don’t watch TV a lot except for Football and Movies.” Then she said, “ its playing at IBN batota Mall and its called Alegria” so I said “ OK… how about if I take you and the KIDS since you have not seen any shows of their own” …. SHE///” wwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee” … okay dear make the bookings” … hehe since she is in charge of the costs and everything in our life!! I booked only the air tickets and Hotel.
We arrived in Dubai in Thursday… I toke the family to Dubai Marina for Dinner. The Kidz were exhausted from the flight and everything. Then on Friday night we went to the show it was in the IBN Batoota parking space with the usual Big Circus tent. The good part they were so damn organized. Any way, the show started after buying the confectionaries (popcorn, sodas and stuff).
My Son was waiting for a lion or an elephant. But he was disappointed ( we expected) loool he thought it’s the usual Circus theme. Any how, it was all acrobatic scenes no fancy moves. I went in LAS VAGAS to KA (CDS) it was magnificent show and I have watched other show but I forgot the name .. on TV. After long, scenes my KIDZ were sleeping one on my lap and the second on his mom and the third on his Grand Mom. The rest of the family liked the show but I did not like it was boring and not close to their shows quality in LAS VAGAS.
It seems that the kids after 1.5 hour did not like the show except for my daughter who liked some parts of the clown’s scenes and the singer.
The show was so ordinary … acrobat, clown, acrobat, talents ( playing with the fire) clown, the elastic Chinese ( human crab as my son called them ) … so no plot !!!
I give it 5 out of 10 …
Too expensive

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